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612-436 Thomas Thompion
612-436 Thomas Thompion
Thomas Thompion helped to found England's 17th century clockmaker's guild, the first step to recognizing timekeeping, and horology, as a science. This mechanical mantel clock is a modern-day replica, if not an exact reproduction, of the type of "bracket clock" popular with the well-heeled during his time. The case is hardwood with a Cherry Bordeaux finish, accented by burled olive ash on the door. The case sides have glass panels and the inside back is mirrored, so as to highlight the brass works for one inclined to appreciate the physics of clock works. The movement is triple chime, offering the choice between Westminster, St. Michaels' or Whittington chimes on the quarter hours.

18 " H x 14 " W x 8 " D

List Price: $1658.00
Our Internet Price: $1160.60

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