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Please note the manufacturers we represent warrant the performance of their grandfather clocks for 2 years, mechanical wall and mantel clocks for 1 year. Battery operated clocks are warranted for one year, as well. Case warranties are generally applied to grandfather clocks for one year but, as with all fine furniture, if care is taken to keep the environment from becoming too dry, a clock case should hold up well for longer than that. Specific warranty information and exceptions are described with the instruction manuals packed with each and every clock.

In order for the warranty to be valid, the clock must be unpacked, set up or hung and operated properly, according to those very detailed instructions. If you are ordering a grandfather clock, you may have to contract with a local service person, authorized by each manufacturer, for its proper setup. Contact the customer service department at, Howard Miller, Hermle, or Hentschel (phone number to be found in the instruction manual) if you feel you need this setup service. For help with other manufacturers’ grandfather clocks, please call or email us and we will provide a contact for you.

We don’t recommend, as a rule, that antique tall case clocks be shipped from our shop. We cannot warrant the proper performance of these unique clocks unless we personally set them up for you.

Please use our Catalog to select a particular product. After you have provided us with contact and shipping address information, we can answer any questions you have and provide a final price which includes the appropriate shipping charge associated with each item and its manufacturer. Please note that shipping charges will vary, depending upon the individual manufacturer’s policies, the transport distance involved, and the weight of the item.

Requests for payment information will not be made until you agree upon the terms of the sale.

You may prefer to pay by mailing a check, made to the order of Classic Clocks, to our shop at Classic Clocks Etc., 135 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA 01778. Please include the following information with your mailing:


  • SHIPPING ADDRESS - Street, city, State, Zip
  • ANY ADDITIONAL SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS (Do you want a gift card to be inserted? Are you mailing the clock to a neighbor?)
  • PHONE - We must have at least one phone number where you can be reached in case delivery is a problem.
  • CLOCK DESCRIPTION - if it is offered in multiple finishes
  • CLOCK PRICE - as quoted on our web site
  • Email address

We will then email (or phone) a confirmation to you which will ask you to either acknowledge the total charges agreed to or cancel the order. After you acknowledge, we will deposit your check and wait 10 days for it to clear before shipping.

Clocks will be delivered to your home or office in the original factory crate, with easy set-up instructions included. Normal shipping time is anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, if the clock is in stock at the factory. If shipment is going to be delayed, you will be notified immediately by email or phone. We will do everything possible to get your order out as quickly as we can. We advise you that meeting any specific deadlines will not always be possible, especially during the high selling season (September through February), since we cannot control the manufacturer’s production schedules or shipping backlogs.

Shipping-charge policies vary with each manufacturer. Please see specific freight costs below.

Please read the following carefully so you know how to handle shipping damages. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in your loss, regardless of claim.

This is delivery by other than UPS or FedEx. This type of delivery will be made for the order of a Grandfather Clock and for some large and heavy wall clocks. If your clock is damaged in shipment and is delivered by a freight company, or common carrier, YOU MUST NOTATE THE PARTICULAR DAMAGE TO A CARTON DIRECTLY ON THE FREIGHT BILL THAT YOU SIGN, IN ORDER FOR YOUR CLAIM TO BE VALID. Example: your signature plus “dented box in two corners” or “box pleated at bottom” or “box has come apart on one side”, etc. Failure to notate the damage on the Delivery Freight Bill will VOID your ability to seek reimbursement for hidden damages to the clock inside the box!

IF THE DAMAGE IS OBVIOUSLY TO THE CLOCK INSIDE THE BOX, and you notice it while delivery is being made, you should REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. PLEASE notify us immediately, if you refuse a shipment. A replacement can then be sent, and we will handle the claim process. Examples of obvious damage include: the sound of broken glass or possibly detached pieces to the clock inside the carton as it is being moved; an open hole in the carton through which you can see the clock’s case, which is obviously damaged. Please remember the following: If you accept the delivery by a freight company of a damaged clock, even if the damage is hidden until the carton is opened, and you do not note any indications of damage directly on the freight bill, we will not be able to assist you with your claim. You yourself will have to process your claim with the freight company. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU OPEN THE CARTON AT ONCE, AFTER DELIVERY.

If your clock is damaged in shipment, please contact us for replacement by calling 1-508-358-5237 or e-mail us at (With subject heading "damaged clock"). DO NOT REFUSE A CLOCK DELIVERED BY UPS. We will help you with the clock’s return and exchange. Do not return the clock to us before discussing your situation with us. Simply contact us with information about the particular damage involved. We will also need the clock’s stock number, your name, shipping address, the UPS tracking number, and a phone number for reaching you.

FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN DAMAGE, YOU MAY NOT RETURN A CLOCK TO US UNTIL WE HAVE DISCUSSED YOUR PARTICULAR PROBLEM. We can then give you instructions necessary to pack the clock properly for your return and in order to credit you appropriately. See the next paragraph for more information regarding returns for reasons other than damage or defect.

Originally shipped by other than common carrier:
We will allow returns of any clock originally shipped to you by UPS within 10 days of delivery, for a credit of the original charge LESS the 2-way shipping costs-to-us and LESS a 10% restocking fee. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THE CLOCK WITHOUT CONTACTING US, so that we may contact UPS for its pickup and notify our staff to accept its return. We will give you instructions necessary to avoid additional shipping damage and to credit you properly for your return.

Originally shipped by truck (common carrier):
We will NOT ALLOW THE RETURN OF ANY CLOCK SHIPPED TO YOU BY COMMON CARRIER. The only exception is a return due to your refusal of the clock for the expressed cause of damage at the time of delivery. If you have refused a clock, you must contact us by calling 1-508-358-5237. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message stating the following:

  1. your name and shipping address and a phone number where you can be reached.
  2. the clock’s manufacturer & stock number.
  3. a description of the OBVIOUS damage noted and thus your reason for refusal.


By using this website,, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined above, regarding shipping and returns.

Classic Clocks Etc. Ltd. reserves the right to change or update information and/or prices at any time. Although we work very hard to avoid errors in any information or pricing, we reserve the right to correct errors and cannot honor pricing errors in our product listings at Since we sell these clocks at our bricks & mortar store, we are notified promptly by the manufacturers of any price increases and will make all efforts possible to replicate that information on this site, as soon as is possible. By using this site, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and you agree to these terms of use.

Specific freight cost policies:
[Antique]   [Kieninger]   [Hermle]   [Howard Miller]
[Cuckoo]   [Chelsea]

Antique Clock Shipping Charges:
All shipping charges for antique clocks will be FOB Wayland, MA and will cover full insurance and the specialized packing necessary to ship irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind items. Customers should also remember that antiques have either delicate (eg. Massachusetts shelf clocks, 1810 banjo wall clocks with hand painted glasses) or heavy and/or easily breakable cases (eg French marble mantel clocks, crystal regulators).

We do not recommend that antique tallcase clocks be shipped in crates or cartons. We would always prefer to deliver & setup antique clocks purchased from Classic Clocks Etc. But, if a buyer demands, we will pack and ship to protect from damage, as best we can.

We will inform potential buyers of all freight/shipping charges FOB Wayland, MA after a clock is selected through the use of our Catalog and before the final transaction is authorized by a customer.

Kieninger Clock Company Shipping Costs:
The Kieninger Clock Company does not drop-ship directly to the consumer. Its clocks are ordered by USA dealers and then are made to order. Kieninger does not keep a backstock of models at its Aldingen factory. Once the factory has enough orders, it will fill a sea going container. Once here, the container is transported to a Michigan distributor who separates out and ships the orders to individual dealers. Unless we have a particular model in stock at our Wayland store, lead time from once the clock is ordered to receipt in Wayland, MA, is at least 2 months, and a 3 month wait is normal.

Each one of Kieninger's approximately 50 dealers is responsible for shipping from their stores to a customer who is outside of their immediate area. Because this shipping will add to the prices we charge in-store, we encourage our customers to make the trip to Wayland, where the wall or mantel clock can be picked up. We also recommend that our personal delivery and set-up service be used for grandfather clock orders. We have done this with a nominal delivery charge attached to several clocks delivered in the past to New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The prices we quote here do not include extra shipping charges. We will provide a shipping estimate to our buyers once a particular model is decided upon. Of course, costs will depend upon distance and weight. Also, the delicate nature of some Kieininger clocks' designs will require extra packing for safe transit. As in all merchandise transfers anywhere which require shipping, once the clock leaves Wayland, the buyer is responsible for dealing directly with the carrier with regard to any damage incurred enroute. Because of this necessity, we encourage all Kieninger clock buyers to seek out a dealer who is the closest in proximity.

For an entire catalogue of the Clocks we can order in for you, see Kieninger's web site.

We will inform potential buyers of all freight/shipping charges after the clock is selected through the use of our Catalog and before the final transaction is authorized by a customer.

Hermle Clock Company Shipping Costs:
Hermle will drop-ship to customers, usually from its Amherst, Virginia distribution center. Freight charges will depend upon the weight of the clock, transport distance, and the carrier chosen to deliver the clock. It will sometimes be necessary to ship clocks from Wayland, MA.

We will inform potential buyers of all freight/shipping charges after the clock is selected through the use of our Catalog and before the final transaction is authorized by a customer. Charges can range anywhere from $25.00 To $75.00 for a wall or mantel clock, from $100.00 To $300. 00 for a grandfather clock.

Howard Miller Clock Shipping Costs:
Shipping is free, when Howard Miller ships all ordered clocks from its continental distribution centers to customers in the continental (not Hawaii and not Alaska) United States. We will absorb all freight charges from Michigan to your residence or place of business, as long as it lies within the continental US.

If you request it, a video showing the unpacking and set-up procedures you should use for a grandfather clock can be included with the shipment. Otherwise, we recommend you contact a service provider authorized by the Howard Miller Clock Company to setup your grandfather clock. See the company’s web site to find someone near you.

Cuckoo Clock Shipping Costs:
Shipping charges will be FOB Wayland, MA. Most clocks can be shipped UPS.

We will inform potential buyers of all freight/shipping charges FOB Wayland, MA after a clock is selected through the use of our Catalog and before the final transaction is authorized by a customer.

Chelsea Clock Shipping Costs:
Shipping charges will be FOB Chelsea, MA. Most clocks can be shipped UPS.

We will inform potential buyers of all freight/shipping charges FOB Chelsea, MA after a clock is selected through the use of our Catalog and before the final transaction is authorized by a customer.


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