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See selection of Sligh clocks available online on our catalog page   This 125 year old firm, Sligh, famous for its clocks, desks, and office furniture, just plain "gets the job done"! Located in the western Michigan town of Holland, this company traditionally has offered the finest wood products in clocks in the United States.  

For years, Sligh's workers, drawn from a large population of Dutch descent, have consistently made higher quality cabinets than many of the other brands of clocks. Sligh also offers limited edition antique reproduction clocks which are true to the originals in case detail, but with contemporary chime works. Many of our more discerning customers tell us that they love the sound of Sligh clocks.

Sligh clocks are built to be enjoyed not only by you, but your children and your children's' children. Sligh clocks are antique and classic timepieces of tomorrow!

All of this quality, of course, is not for "free"; but if you are willing to invest a little more, you will get a whole LOT more clock for your money. Their cases are solid and they do not skimp. Many of their models feature hand-rubbed finishes and classic lines.

We are proud to be one of Sligh's larger dealers. If you are in the market for a clock, be sure to include this superb manufacturer as a choice. Also, if you don't find what you want in our Market Basket, we can always place a special order for you.

Please see selection of clocks available online on our Sligh catalog page.

You can see the Company's entire line at their  Sligh logo  web site.

We invite you to e-mail us questions about particular models and how to order. We will do our best to answer all your questions. Please use our "wants" form page.

In the meantime, please review our Warranty, Sales and Shipping policy page. Thanks for considering buying from us.

Always buy a grandfather timepiece from knowledgeable professionals. Only they can honestly explain the different features, how they are utilized, and also how they add to your investment.

Please visit our store; "we invite you to inspect the craftsmanship of our timepieces with your eyes, with your ears, and with your hands." We have many in stock, and you can order from their catalog. Thanks!

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