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Lee Smith
135 Boston Post Rd. (Rt. 20)
Wayland, MA 01778
4 miles west of Rt. 128
Phone (508) 358-5237

Professional Clockmaker Since 1972
member NAWCC

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Our goal is to offer you the best conditioned mechanical clocks available whether new, vintage, or antique at the best prices anywhere. We understand it is difficult to buy without personally examining a quality timepiece, so we invite you to visit our store. In fact, we do not encourage shipping one of a kind, expensive, and/or irreplaceable antique clocks unless the buyer has seen the clock in our store and has received our professionals' instructions -- those instructions that are particular to that clock's proper set-up and care. Please call us in advance if you are interested in seeing a particular era or style. We are New England's highest volume dealer of contemporary "Grandfathers", and sell a significant number of antique tallclocks as well.

We stock antique timepieces for the buyer who is looking for a great value and the perfect "look". All are warranted, and grandfather clocks are delivered and set up by Mr. Smith. This goes for new grandfather clocks and the larger wall regulators as well! Become one of our many satisfied customers who have discovered that you can't be #1 in volume without the lowest prices anywhere!

Learn about the line of  Howard Miller clocks  we carry, and their popular  grandfather, wall and mantel clocks  we offer on the Internet. Today Howard Miller Clock Company is the largest clock company in the United States and the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world.

We also feature Kieninger clocks as well as other major brands of quality timepieces. Kieninger is known for its very fine cases, lacquers and hand rubbed finishes, extraordinarily high quality mechanisms, and "old world" craftsmanship. Please see our Kieninger information page.  Click here to see popular selection of the Kieninger brand.

Also see examples of our current selection of restored and new mechanical timepieces in the store.

Our online catalog of clocks is here,     or click here to search for your favorite clock.

Please visit our store; "we invite you to inspect the craftsmanship of our timepieces with your eyes, with your ears, and with your hands." We have many in stock, and we can place special orders for you from the manufacturers. Thanks!

Please see our "about page" for more information about us and directions to store; also news articles on our store. And check out our Better Business Bureau Reliability Report (click logo at right).


Please review our Warranty, Sales and Shipping policy page. Thanks for considering buying from us.

Please send us your "wants" request on the "wants" page. We might be able to locate your specialty even if we do not have it in stock. Also let us know if you have timepieces for sale.

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